To wonder is more important than to know.

This blog aims to contemplate a variety of areas which inform the human experience. The focus will be on matters of spirituality and belief, perception and identity, art and expression, the nature of consciousness, community, and so much more.

There will intentionally be a very wide variety of content shared here. I would love for you to join me on this journey, into this community of thinkers and dreamers.

I intend to write a lot of words and put them on the internet.

My process and pursuits are largely influenced by: Terrence and Dennis McKenna, Malcolm Gladwell, Joe Rogan, Chuck Klosterman, and Mark Manson.

I desire to find the truth and share it with others, as well as encourage acceptance, compassion, and respect for the many lives that inhabit our planet.

This is my introductory post. You can also check out my about page. View my photography here.