About the author

Who am I?

What a great question.


I am a tree hugger. A sun lover. An adventurer above all else. An ocean swimming, mountain climbing, lake diving, road running, five-foot-one, warrior goddess.

I am 19, but I usually feel somewhere between 9 years old and 45. I was born and raised in Kansas, and currently find myself drifting around in Lawrence, Kansas until I finish a Linguistics degree at KU.

I normally wouldn’t use my jobs to help describe myself, but right now I work at a local pet store and a library – two places that seem to reflect me accurately. I read a lot of books, and spend a lot of time admiring nature and animals. I believe in acceptance and love above all else, no matter how difficult or intimidating those things may seem. The unknown is my only fear, which is why I desire to wholeheartedly learn about each and every thing/being I can.

beach sunset

I think human beings are really important, no matter how “good” or “bad” they appear to be. I’ve been down many roads in my 19 years, and seen many people at different points in their life. Everyone has something to offer, and you have something to offer everyone.

I believe if you change yourself, you’ve changed the world. I believe in conversation and universal truths. I believe in creativity, individuality, and expression. I believe in compassion and living ethically. I believe that it’s silly to believe any one thing too certainly.

More random things about me that you might care about:

  • I love to travel, in fact I’ve visited the majority of the contiguous United States.
  • I have two kitties, Noodle and Marble. I intend on getting many more animals as soon as I have the space.
  • I’ve been in my current relationship for 5 years. (Since I was 14.)
  • I’m a huge music junkie. I love concerts, blasting songs as loud as they can, record players, etc. Feel free to throw any music suggestions my way, at any given time! (I especially like rock, alternative, rap, & funky psychedelic music.)
  • I like your face!! awkward okay bye


My introduction post can tell you more. If you think I’m an okay human, I’ll probably think you are too. Please stick around for cool and unusual times.