Album Review: How to Be a Human Being – Glass Animals (13 min read)

How to be a human being? Apparently Glass Animals has perfected the art of human-ing enough to write an entire album about it. I've been a fan of Glass Animals for about 4-5 years now, around the time that "Gooey" was becoming popular. The band is composed of 4 odd-looking dudes: Dave Bayley, Drew Macfarlane, … Continue reading Album Review: How to Be a Human Being – Glass Animals (13 min read)


Reflections on 19 (4 min read)

Well, There I was 19 years ago, Opening my eyes to the world for the first time. I was born on June 19, 1998 - Which makes me a Gemini according to astrology, a gem according to my father, and a game-changer for my mother. 4:32 AM was my time of birth, it was a … Continue reading Reflections on 19 (4 min read)

Counterintuitive Lessons About Success

Interesting things to think about


I love learning, and every day I learn something new. I hope you find as much pleasure in acquiring transformative knowledge as I do.

Some hours ago, I was listening to Airbnb’s Brian Chesky chronicle his experience about Airbnb and all that it took to grow an idea into a $30 billion company. The primary takeaway from the interview (see video below) centered on the following.

brian-chesky-illustration-airbnb-logoBusiness Insider

Chesky mentioned that in order to experience unparalleled success, it is necessary to do counterintuitive things. This suggests that sometimes the right course of action relating to success is to do the opposite of what you have always believed

It is important to bear in mind that it takes courage to go against one’s natural inclinations—to go against the status quo—to go against the opinions of others, including the so-called experts. It takes courage to pursue your ridiculously-impossible dreams and ideas…

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